People and Principles

The Project Team has been wanting to take a little step back and share some more information about who we are, and the principles that are guiding our work.

The Project Team

The Project Team is made up of two groups: The Steering Team is a committee of 13 people and the members are a mix of Town Councillors, Town Staff, and Citizen Representatives. The Consulting Team is the second half of the Project Team, a group of about 11 planning, engineering, and design professionals led by UPLAND Planning and Design. The individual people are listed at the bottom of this post. If you’re ever curious to learn more about the team or the project, just drop a line to

Principles for Engagement

The community engagement efforts are guided by the following set of principles:


  • Amplify voices that are least often heard.

  • Provide a wide range of ways to participate, so everyone can contribute in a manner that is right for them. 

  • Seek out and involve different perspectives.


  • Undertake the work in a way that is relatable, convenient, informal, and part of real life.

  •  Be accessible and straightforward in communication.

  • Meet people where they are at, both physically and in respect for their experiences.


  • Foster a sense of excitement and agency over the future.

  • Focus on the big picture and the long term.

  • Encourage aspirational ideas and visions.

  • Bring common ground to the surface; don’t dwell on fractures.


  • Ensure input is fully and meaningfully integrated into the core content of the plan. 

  • Plan the engagement activities around the information that is needed.

  • Demonstrate that the public is being heard throughout.

  • Make the process clear and transparent and be open about constraints. 

Members of the Project Team

Steering Team

Matt Risser, Councillor and Committee Chair

John McGee, Deputy Mayor

Peter Mosher, Councillor 

Bill Rice Citizen, Representative

Cheryl Lamerson, Citizen Representative

Gerry Rolfsen, Qualified Expert

Susan Sanford, Qualified Expert

Peter Goforth, Qualified Expert

Consulting Team

Steffen Kaeubler, Project Manager

Erica Brook, Engagement Facilitator

Ian Watson, Planner

Juniper Littlefield, Planner

Oliver Bence, Landscape Architect

Angharad Wylie, GIS Analyst

Sasan Moradian, Graphic Designer

Lauren Shaw, Planning Intern

Neil Lovitt, Planning & Economic Intelligence at Turner Drake and Partners

Audrey Muir, Civil Engineer at CBCL Limited

Wendy Shearer, Heritage Landscapes Specialist

Bruce Mans